TP-300C WH consolle Digital Piano Technopiano


Digital piano: 88 keys weighted hammer action/standard keyboard

High quality ABS material design

Tone: 200 tones

Rhythm: 100 rhythms

Demos: 60 Demos

Polyphony: 128 polyphony

Bluetooth function: can connect learning app to play by yourself and practice

Memory set, 4 sets memory set

Metronome: 9 metronome can choose

Tempol control: total 220(30-250)

Transpose control: Range “+/-12”

Touch control: 3 touch control can choose

Record and play function

Chord function, prelude/code, fill, Sync,, dual, reverb, split, transpose, percussion

Piano body: PVC case, more good quality pvc material

Pedal control: floor type pedal (easily to assembly), sustain pedal, soft pedal, sostenuto pedal

2 USB:

 _USB rear: To connect to computer

 _USB front: To play your MP3 files

MIDI input /output

Audio input /output

Volume control

2 headphone jack

Speaker: 2*15W ampliefier -15w+15w

Include: adaptor *1, pedal *3, manual *1 (IT & EN), music stand*1

Size: 135*36*79 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Color: white open pores

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code : TP300CWH


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