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Kurzweil monitor Studio

Coppia di Speaker Monitor Studio attivi a 2 vie

Cabinet in MDF 12mm anti-risonanza

Tweeter ¾ di pollice

Woofer 4 pollici Bass reflex

20W RMS @ 1KHz @ 10%THD

Risposta in Frequenza: 100-10.000Hz

Impedenza: 20 KΩ

Connettori Stereo RCA

Controllo Volume e regolazione bassi


Compact, Self-Powered Monitors

Our motto, “It’s The Sound” applies to not only keyboards, but to every step in the process of making music…. And so Kurzweil is pleased to present a new line of affordable, compact self-powered monitor speakers. The first model to be introduced, the KS-40A system, is a solid value, competing favorably with other monitors in and above its price range.

We believe the most accurate sound comes from the right combination of ingredients. Housed in a heavy, thick-walled, non-resonant wood cabinet, the KS-40A’s sport a magnetically shielded, two-way, bass reflex design and a compact footprint.

Featuring a premium 3/4″ dome tweeter and wide-range 4″ woofer, 20Wrms system amplification and separate volume and bass adjustments, the KS-40A’s are an ideal monitoring solution for the personal project studio or keyboard setup.

High frequencies are crisp and clear, low frequencies are balanced and warm, imparting a transparent sound to the KS-40A’s with equal amounts of presence and clarity. For musicians who are on a budget but are unwilling to compromise when it comes to sound quality, the KS-40A’s are the perfect compliment to our other affordable, high quality product lines like the SP and PC3LE series.

All specifications subject to change without notice.


All specifications subject to change without notice.

Cabinet:100% wood cabinet using 12mm non-resonant MDF
HF Driver:3/4 inch (19mm) dome type, magnetically shielded
LF Driver:4 inch (106mm) diameter, magnetically shielded
Bass Reflex Port:rear panel
Power Output:10Wrms x2 (at 1KHz, 10% THD)
Frequency Response:100-10,000Hz (at -5dB)
Controls:1x Volume, 1x Sub Bass
Input Ports:2 pairs of stereo RCA jacks, internally mixed

(Line A inputs feature treble boost of 9dB at 10KHz; Line B inputs are flat)

Input Impedance:20K Ohms
Height:(9-1/16″) (23.00 cm)
Width:(5-7/8″) (14.80 cm)
Depth:(7-1/16″) (18.00 cm)
Weight:(11.00 lb.) (5 kg), both cabinet

codice : KS40A

categoria : PRO AUDIO

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